Executive Team

Lars Schiphorst - Director

Lars is a professional with over 30 years' experience in the strategic design and delivery of fundamental business and technology change. These programs have assisted organisations more effectively and efficiently achieve their strategic objectives with appropriate governance and risk management.

He assists organisations successfully execute change programs to deliver greater business benefits. These projects and programs have ranged from whole of business, to those focused solely on technology and information management. They have built on his broader experience gained in business and technology programs, utilising various industry-standard methodologies. They have also provided him with the opportunity, for a variety of clients in both the public and private sectors, to operationalise their strategic intent into a series of executable plans and subsequently manage the implementation of those plans.

He has worked with a wide range of complex, sophisticated and international clients, across a diverse range of industries in Australia, the UK and Asia across Government, banking, defence, retail and engineering. Through that experience he has gained an ability to absorb and interpret organisational and operational complexities and detail, which he can then translate into practical, executable solutions to achieve operational improvement. He understands organisational dynamics and operates most effectively by collaborating with his clients. He can engage with, and effectively influence, key internal and external stakeholders at all levels.

He collaborates with client executives to support them in refining and shaping their strategic vision. Once formalised he then works with them to translate that vision into an executable strategy. Using the future and current situations, he collaboratively develops the roadmap for change and engages broad stakeholder support. Based on this roadmap and working with the business heads he develops the operational plans and assesses the risk profile. Using this information he works closely with the key stakeholders to ensure that risks are appropriately managed and that the appropriate level of governance is applied. He has worked successfully with stakeholders at all levels in client organisations, from the shop floor to the Boardroom. External to client organisations, he has worked with industry regulators to Union Organisers. He has led teams of various sizes, from small targeted strike teams of specialists to major large scale development teams of over 100 people. His preferred mode of operation is through collaboration, coaching and mentoring.