Executive Team

John Horsfield - Director

John Horsfield has had a wide range of industry and technical experience from instrumentation engineering, electrical engineering, maintenance, construction to customer service management. Combining his systems engineering knowledge with experience in the petrochemical industry John was involved in the development of the Australian and New Zealand national hazardous area and equipment standards.

John brings multiple skills to the table and key engagements include:

  • The management of the application of instrumentation for a major aluminium refinery upgrade to ensure operability and revenue generation.
  • Forensic financial analysis of aircraft operators claims against BP in the Mobil AVGAS contamination crisis, the contamination of light aircraft fuel within Australasia.
  • Development and implementation of Australasian strategy for a centralised customer support approach to customer service.
  • Development of commercial alliances with external organisations and bundle core competencies to achieve an all of business solution for customers.
  • Management of Asia Pacific control centre and coordination of risk communications across Asia Pacific.
  • Development of engineering solutions for processing industries involving control/valve selection and instrumentation
  • Development of risk mitigation strategies and information systems across the BP supply chain.
  • Construction of the business processes and architectures for strategic analysis of organisational activities.
  • Development of national strategies to enhance market awareness and uptake, and change the buying experience of petroleum for the customer.
  • Design and development of sea-fed bulk fuels terminal facility at Wellington, New Zealand, for the distribution of fuel to the lower North Island.
  • Design and development of a modern facility for bulk storage of Bitumen at Christchurch, New Zealand including automation for bitumen custody/fiscal transfer to customers. This used the Corriolis mass flow meter as an innovative approach and which gained Government approval.
  • Development of electrical standards for BP South Pacific to increase safety of personnel and plant.
  • Redevelopment of several bulk aviation fuel terminals in South Pacific sites for increased electrical safety and compliance with recognised world standards.
  • Development of world class equipment that captured the custody transfer of fuel from bulk storage to road transport in an accurate manner. This equipment was successfully marketed to other oil companies, providing a royalty return that recovered R&D expenditure.
  • Successful innovation of automation as applied to bulk LPG storage depots, cross country pipelines and ship unloading facilities.
  • Investment property management.
  • Development and management of businesses.

John's academic achievements include an MBA, tertiary qualifications in Electrical and Instrument/Control Engineering and Level 2 Value Measurement Practitioner. Professional Training includes Project Management, Leadership Strategic Management, Negotiation Skill and Procurement.