ICT Benchmarking

Today's information managers face extreme pressures to supply or deliver better customer service whilst "tightening their belts" and reducing costs in line with the rest of their management team. Investment in Information Technology has far-reaching implications for organisations.

Benchmarking can often be the only means whereby ICT issues are finally understood by senior management. Benchmarking can be used by business to gain control of ICT expenditure and address strategic issues such as outsourcing or refreshment problems. Many decisions to outsource are driven by inability to understand the potential of the ICT department to deliver service under the right conditions.

Our benchmarking methods have provided corporate leaders the tools to understand how their ICT investment impacted on business performance and where they were investing and performing above or below their industry average. It enabled management to compare their decisions about Information Communications Technology with the decisions of competitors and other organisations.

A company found it had been under-investing in ICT and saw that the poor performance of the ICT department in meeting its customer's needs was a factor of investment, not lack of expertise, effort or enthusiasm. As well, a high number of end-user complaints pointed to a major training problem arising from training investment decisions rather than poor service from the help desk.

Our benchmarking methods provide management with a "listening post" to measure their success in delivering information to their organisation against basic buyer values. The benchmarking process can be used to overcome the historically poor relations between customers and the IT department, opening the communication process which can lead to better alignment with user needs and better understanding by users of IT services.

ICT benchmarking can provide the common ground on which ICT and business management can meet and make positive decisions on resource allocation for strategic advantage. The program aims to provide Australian managers with the tools to judge the performance of their ICT infrastructure to ensure it is optimal and aligned with corporate strategy.

The differentiators of our methods are with a:

  • communication tool which is easy for management to comprehend.
  • focus on business.
  • focus on perception.

Our method provides you with a formal approach for:

  • implementing 'listening posts' within your Information Services customer base
  • benchmarking your own performance against yourself, year on year
  • benchmarking your own performance against other firms in your line of business
  • and benchmarking your own performance against all participants over multiple years

This program provides you with a unique perspective of how well the business regards its current information capabilities along a number of axis, in particular:

  • Management value which indicates to what extent the information systems support the business functions from a management perspective.
  • Importance / performance (of standard data sets)
  • Technical quality which indicates to what extent the systems are technically sound, in terms of their quality, reliability and ease of operation.
  • Size and annualised costs of IT systems.
  • Customer satisfaction including customer perception of services from the IT department, its ability to provide new functionality, correct and accurate data, availability of services, responsiveness and user support.